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  • Silhouettes of early galaxies reveal few seeds for new stars

    Astronomers have discovered that gas around young galaxies is almost devoid of hydrogen molecules.

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  • Nearby satellite galaxies challenge standard model

    Scientists report satellite dwarf galaxies at the edges of the Milky Way defy the accepted model of galaxy formation.

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Research Events

  • CQOS Seminar: Dr Jia Wang

    30/7 - Dr Jia Wang, University of Connecticut, will discuss 'Ultra-long-range Rydberg Molecules in Ultra-Cold Gases' at 3.30pm in EN101

  • Visiting Researcher lecture: Prof Parrott

    1/8 - Professor Andy Parrott, Swansea University, UK, will discuss the psychobiology of recreational Ecstacy/MDMA from 3.00 - 4.00pm in EN203

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