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  • Three eyes on the sky track laws of Nature 10 billion years ago

    Astronomers have used the world's most powerful optical telescopes to test a fundamental law of Nature.

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  • Swinburne secures $1.1 million for optical IT projects

    Swinburne is collaborating with leading Chinese institutes on optical display and optical storage research projects.

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  • Catching the renewable energy wave

    Swinburne researchers have been awarded $770,000 to explore the best ways of arranging wave farms to generate electricity.

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Research News

Research Events

  • Public Astronomy Lecture

    18/9 - A public lecture entitled 'Into the heart of darkness: supermassive black holes at the centres of galaxies'. Presenter A/Prof Darren Croton.

  • CQOS Seminar: Dr Kavan Modi

    19/9 - Dr Kavan Modi, Monash University, will discuss 'Measuring Heat in a Quantum Process' in EN103 at 3.30pm

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